Desktop Calendar | November 2011


Welcome to November. I'm starting to feel like this year is really coming to an end and I find that I am starting to really look back at the work I've shot this year and thumb through my favorites. I thought I'd share one shot in August this year. This wonderfully starry sky is a 20 minute exposure taken down along the Mackinaw River during the Perseid Meteor Shower. Sadly, there aren't any shooting stars in this shot, the stars you see are everyday stars that have rotated with the night sky during the exposure. It is a really neat affect to see how they move over time. They move much faster than you'd expect. Pretty neat, huh?

The orange light is just light pollution from a nearby city glowing in the distance. In this case, most like Bloomington / Normal. If you get a chance to step outside and just admire the night sky, you'd be amazed at what you might see. 

I've got 5 starry-eyed sizes again for you this month, just click the link to the size you need.

I also have your mobile needs covered. Click here for your iPhone & iPad versions as well. Enjoy!