Project Double Take #19 | Corn


I realized that I didn't write anything for this post. Wow, time is just getting away from me this month faster than I can keep up. Strangely enough that isn't a bad transition to the topic of corn. You see, this time of year corn in the Midwest, which is normally so abundant that us natives sort of ignore it. Its a daily staple on a daily drive and we almost don't realize it's there. That is until is starts coming down. Let me tell you, when they start to harvest corn, it goes fast. You start noticing empty fields of dirt where your pretty sure something was there last week. You start seeing barns again that were hidden behind 8 foot tall corn stalks. The land looks strange even. In the fall, one day you seen corn and the next, it's gone. 

We were getting nervous actually about getting this subject matter done before the corn was missing and I quite glad that Dave and I both gave you the corn before and after views. In my shot, corn stalks tower over my head waiting to be harvested and in Dave's shot, the corn is already gone. Of course, he takes the double in double take seriously folks and even included a grain silo. I'm guessing this is the Tremont Grain Co-Op. So his shot is corn doubled folks. Hop on over to Dave's site to read more about his lovely image.

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