Peoria Flickr Group | Ladies Night

Peoria Flickr Group Ladies Night-10-2.jpg

I'm excited that the ladies of Peoria Flickr Group had their first ever Ladies Night photowalk. We had a really great turnout and everyone had a really good time (at least that is what they tell me). Based on the response, we should be doing this again in the future. 

We took advantage of early sunset times right now and met up after work last week to shoot the downtown Peoria skyline at sunset and twilight from the East Peoria side of the river. Clouds and sunbeams were abundant as well as tripod wielding women. We had our rule of the place and I hope the ladies all got some nice shots. I loaned out my tripod to a budding young photographer and opted instead to photograph the ladies as they worked the scene along with a few handheld shots of the scenes around us.

Thanks to girls for a fun evening. I leave you with a quick collage from the photowalk.

Ladies Night Collage2.jpg