Published | The Cover of Peoria Progress Magazine

I'm very excited to share that my image, "Good Morning Peoria" is gracing the cover of Peoria Progress magazine for the month of January. The issue is out right now, so stop and get yourself a copy.If you want to know more about the magazine itself, visit

Here is shot of the cover image as it appears on the magazine.


Just a little detail behind the image. This photo was shot on an early morning from the Bob Michel Bridge downtown over the Illinois River in October. Halloween to be exact. There was a nice sunrise coming up over the East Peoria side and I had been taking long exposure during twilight. I was up there helping a few photographers during a landscape class and had loaned my tripod out to a student to use. The sun had cracked the horizon and since I had my camera but no tripod I decided I would try to hand hold a few shots. I took a string of about 10 images that I intended later to stitch together into a panorama of the Peoria skyline. Instead, when I got home, I really preferred this one single shot in the series. I never did put together the panorama because I felt this one shot captured the early morning calm and beauty coming over the city. I like the sun's first light reflecting gold in the windows of the buildings contrasted with the cool blues of the sky and river.  It just shows it is always good to keep shooting. I had no tripod, but I didn't let it stop me from attempting something different  and getting the shot. The one little fun fact is that my car is somewhere in the parking lot below. She's driving like such a prima donna now that she's a cover model. ;)