Project Double Take

Naples, Italy 2009

I'm very excited to be announcing a special year long project that I am doing this year with fellow photographer and friend, David Vernon. Twice a month we will be featuring our images together, side by side, in what we are calling "Project Double Take". The display will be one of David's images next to mine and will be based on a theme for that particular "Double Take". We both are prettty excited about it because you will be able to see how two photographers uniquely approach a common theme. I expect our images to be similar, yet different.

We've already chosen the themes in advance that will carry us through the year. We've also predetermined the orientation of the image for display purposes on the blog. These may seem like limitations, but in fact I see this a a creative project that will force us both to:

A) Get out and shoot.

B) Come up with solutions in in various lighting situations, elements

C) Experiment with new media and techniques

D) Show off a constant body of current landscape work

Below you will see our published list of themes. There may be a bonus few that appear in between the regular 26. Project Double take will also publish on the same day at both of our respective blogs. Be sure to link up to David's blog to see more of his work as well.

The first Double Take will appear on January 27, 2010. Our schedule is listed below.