Desktop Calendar | September 2009

Okay, first of all, I owe you faithful blog readers a big apology. I realized yesterday that it was 09/09/09 and I hadn't uploaded a desktop calendar for the month and then I realized I hadn't actually blogged anything in a month!! That is just terrible of me. I've been editing photos from our trip like a mad woman and doing some painting and redecorating around the house and I let you all down, my blog friends. Boo to me! If I was Jasmine Star, I would be giving myself a diss this week. (She blogs weekly Kisses and Disses).

To make it up to you, I'll be sharing some of my favorite photos from the trip in another post this week and if you really missed me, you can stop on over to the Central Illinois Photoblog and read my woes with some gear I am having troubles with. One of my lenses is on the fritz and I sent it off to Nikon yesterday to get repaired. So, if you are photographer and want the low down on what you need to go to get your gear serviced, then hop on over and check out my article, "When Bad Things Happen to Good Gear".

Okay on to the goodies (better late than never, right?)This is a shot of a cool doorway at the Field of Miracles in Pisa, Italy. I'd already taken the necessary shots of the leaning tower and I turned my attention to this doorway (I couldn't get enough of door and windows over there). My husband said it was humorous to watch other tourists take interest in the door after watching me photograph it. They must have thought it had significance, while I just thought it was cool. Chalk one up for the photographer noticing something that other people don't see.

To get your own, simply click the size you want below and set as your background however you do Mac and PC people. I have 4 widths for you this month.