Stephanie & Derek

I cannot begin to express how adventuresome this engagement session was. Jaci (my new sidekick/super awesome assistant) and I picked Derek and Steph up at their home and we drove out to some nearby countryside for some great locations. I told them I found this great barn and I think it is abandoned and I sure hope we don't get kicked out and low and behold, not 10 minutes into their shoot, a farmer drives up and asks what we are doing. The farmer was great about it after I promised not to steal anything and luckily, he let us stay a little longer. (I promise, I am not an advocate of trespassing, I just really thought this place was abandoned). The adventures didn't stop there with some climbing to get up to an elevated railroad track that was above a cool graffiti tunnel we were shooting in below. They were totally up for climbing (they made it look easy while I struggled with the camera gear). It was 100% worth it though, because my favorite shots were up on the tracks and we managed to get safely down as well.

We shot until it was dark and I was forced to get creative with lighting to keep the party going. They were great and more adventurous than I could have possibly asked for.

Derek and Stephanie met each other playing in a dart league on opposing teams and couldn't keep their eyes off one another. Derek claims he maintains the 3 day rule before calling her, but couldn't resist a text message 20 minutes after seeing her. How cute is that? Two years later Derek surprised Stephanie with a proposal at their new house on the day they closed on it. Their wedding is next May and I'm sure it will be just a fun as they are.