Desktop Calendar | January 2010

This month's calendar was shot over Thanksgiving while I was home visiting family in Iowa. I had already been out shooting for hours and when I pulled in the driveway to be done for the day, the sky transformed again and the sky was breathtaking. So, I got out and made a few more images from my parents yard. It just goes to show that sometimes you need to hold out for one more shot before you put the camera away.

To get your own, simply click the size you want below and set as your background however you do Mac and PC people. I have 6 widths for you this month:

To download the iPhone background to you pod/phone, open the link on your pod/phone. Click and hold on the image itself and when the menu opens, choose "save". Now go to your camera roll in Photos and you should see the image there. Click the little arrow out in the left bottom corner and choose "Use as Wallpaper".

I've also got some end of the year shots that I took on December 31st to commemorate the end of 2009 for myself that I hope to share with you soon. Happy New Year to all of you. See you in 2010!!!!