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I just met with one of my brides yesterday and handed off her albums to her. I'm always so excited when I see my clients happy. When they see their albums and prints for the first time, their eyes light up and I know that my job is done. There is no comparison to have a real print in your hand. Looking at images online is nice and convenient for desktop backgrounds, and slide shows at your desk. But a real print or album? Priceless. One of the things I love the most about the album manufacturer I use is their high quality of albums. When my clients see them, they just gush over. I didn't think I could top that, but then this year they offered up new mini albums. They are little 4x4 versions of a big album. Same thick pages and print quality, same leather covers - just mini. They are perfect to keep in your purse or your desk at work and show off, leaving your big album safely at home for you.

I surprised my bride with her own 4x4 album and it was perfect because she was worried about handing around her full size album at work in case something would happen to it. I told her I had "a little something that might solve this dilemma". Oh yeah, the cute little mini album saved the day. Even though it is a nice complimentary album to a full size bridal album, it is also perfect for family photos that mom can just tuck in her purse and show off at anytime. Soft, leather, real, and they come in all the same colors as their bigger siblings. Awesome!

For your next session of any kind, think about getting a mini album that you can take anywhere and show off to anyone. I custom design each album personally, so you will get the best images and personal touch. You don't have to have a wedding to have a cute album that is all about you.

They are available in my products online under albums. You can order just one or you can get as many as you want. There is no minimum order.

Just check out how cute these are!