Travel | Back from Dallas

I'm back from my big adventures in the land of big -Dallas! I had a nice little getaway with my family even took a few photos of the Dallas skyline. Here is me with my awesome sister posing in front of the Dallas Skyline at sunset from a parking deck. She was patient and kind enough to drive me to a spot to shoot the skyline.

Let me be the first to say that a quality tripod is a must. My


tripod would not fit in my carry on luggage, so I had to find alternate methods and while they got me by, they weren't up to par in my book. I ended up purchasing a $15 tripod at Target which later became a bonus gift to my sister for her point and shoot. It just didn't have enough weight to steady a heavier SLR, especially in the wind. There was a lot of wind on the top of the parking deck and as a result most of my shots were too blurry to use. Before it got dark, I set up my camera and focus. Here are some shots my sister took of me up on the parking deck framing up a shot.

Then we decided we wanted a shot of us in from downtown before it was too dark and quite honestly this one is my favorite. See snapshots are a great thing sometimes. (and yes that is my camera on the edge of the parking deck in the background, but don't worry it wasn't going anywhere.)

After the sun went down I started trying to get the skyline with all of the neon and office building lights lit up. As my exposure time became much longer and we had lots of time to kill in between shots, so what did we do?


-Hoop! Oh, yeah (well she did and I merely was trying to learn). We passed the time well, don't you think? I'll leave you with the best shot I got of the night skyline. Until next time, Dallas!