Peoria Strobist Group

Now that's a title to make you wonder what I'm up to, right? Well, last Sunday the Peoria Strobist Group had our fist outing in Peoria. The PSG is a strange combination of the

Peoria Flickr Group

mixed with David Hobby's

Strobist Group

. Sprinkle in a bunch of off camera lighting, a few friends, two awesome models, and a gritty parking deck and you had our first meet up.

The idea of the group is to have regular meet ups where we can all practice setting up off camera lighting. A sort of trial by fire while creating some hands on learning. We want to improve our skills and share the knowledge with other photographers who want to learn off camera lighting techniques. So, if you are a photographer who understands photography basics and wants to learn lighting, then you should stop on over to the Peoria Strobist Group , say hello and bring your flash.

Please welcome back to this blog our fabulous models, Stephanie & Josh donning their rocked up wedding attire for this session. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the outing. Also, be sure to check out the group pool to see more shots and ideas from the others who were there and also David Hobby's Strobist website if you are new and want to get your feet wet. His website is a great learning resource.

And for the photo geeks out there - here is the inside scoop on the shot from the top of the post:

Nikon D300 w/24-70mm w/ 4 flash setup.

One SB600 on stand camera left gelled 1/4 CTO at 1/2 power and one SB800 in SU-4 mode camera right on stand gelled 1/4 CTO at 1/4 power. Camera was set to tungsten white balance to match the gelled strobes. The ungelled strobes are a Vivitar 285 at 1/32 power via Paul C Buff remote on a short stand pointed at wall and an SB800 in SU-4 mode on ground behind the couple pointed back at camera. The blue color comes from using tungsten white balance which shifts the daylight corrected flashes even cooler and more blue. Setup was fired using a Paul C Buff trigger. (and focusing efforts were aiding with headlights from a car).