2008 Year in Pictures | Cedar Rapids Flood

Now that the year is closing to an end (and oh what a year it has been with a Presidential election, an economic crises, ongoing wars, and even more natural disasters were abound this year!) I thought I would share a great link to anything you may have missed or if you just want a recap, check out The Big Picture: 2008 Year in Pictures.

There was one natural disaster that hit very close to home for me this year. My hometown of Cedar Rapids, IA was hit hard with massive flooding of the Cedar River throughout downtown. In fact, they are still trying to recover and will be for some time before things are back to normal. Photo #9 from the Year in Pictures is one such image of this tragic event.

To see some photos of the flood, check out the video below featuring Cedar Rapids Gazette photographer's: Brian Ray, Cliff Jette, Courtney Sargent, Jim Slosiarek, Jonathan D. Woods and Liz Martin. The video Chronicles the floods from June 8 to June 20th. If you want to see more images by these amazing photographers, check out their exhibit at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.

The unstoppable epic surge from GazetteOnline.com on Vimeo.