Laura & Rich

When Laura hit me up on facebook and said she was a fan of my work and could I take some photos of her and her husband, I was first thrilled that I had made a new fan and then secondly thrilled because I knew Laura would be a ton of fun to photograph. I met up with them a couple of Sunday's ago and Laura was her usually fun-spirited self and and her husband was very stoic. They both admitted that they aren't a fan of having their pictures taken, but I think after all was said and done, I swung them my way that I can make a session as fun as it can be to have your photo taken. They showed up wearing these amazing bright colored sweaters and and was thrilled again for the third time knowing that their colorful wardrobe choice was perfect for the alley's of Peoria.

We hit up downtown Peoria and tried to stay out of the wind. We might have had one of the best Sunday's left before real winter blows in for good. Rich was quiet but I was able to rouse him for being an Iowa Hawkeye alumni (I myself an Iowa State Cyclone alum), but all is good because we're just some good ole' wholesome Iowa people, so I think we found our middle ground there. The two of them kept warm by snuggling up together and that seemed to be the cure for not liking your photo taken. Just ignore me and focus on each other and everything will just fall into place!

I hope you had fun, Laura & Rich. You guys seem like a perfect match for one another, picking up where the other leaves off and complimenting one another quite well. You made my job easy and it is always a pleasure to photograph my adoring fans. =)