Class of 2009: Erik

I always say that I have fun on my shoots and I do, but if you've ever looked at my photostream on flickr, then you'll understand that I must have some subconscious appeal to urban textures and have shot many unique locks and door knobs that are just waiting to be discovered. Well anyway, this shoot really appealed to me like that. I found all of these great brick walls, doorways, and staircases just full of color and texture that I adore that made a perfect backdrop for Erik's senior portraits. As if I already wasn't having enough fun, it was made that much better by chatting up the friendly and laid-back Erik. He was right there with me on my cool locations and my only instruction was to "hang out" like only guys can do and he made it look so natural and easy.

Our day got even more fun when we left the city behind and headed out the airport to take some shots of Erik with his new plane at the air hangar. Yeah, that's right ladies, his plane! How seriously awesome is that?! Not that he'd let you know because he was so modest about it. I was the giddy one over the plane. He has been taking flying lessons and is headed off to college with plans to be a commercial pilot. I had a lot of fun on the tarmac and took advantage of the setting sun and it was the perfect end to an unforgettable photo shoot.

Congratulations Erik! Thanks for being a good sport and hanging out with me for a couple of hours. I wish you the best of luck in college. Enjoy the last fleeting moments of high school as they are gone before you know it. Oh, and I won't forget that you owe me a ride in your plane someday. I might want to try my hand at aerial photography!